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Security Cameras and Surveillance

Whether you want to see who’s at your front door from your TV or remotely monitor your home from another part of the country, surveillance systems offer a high level of comfort and security for any home owner. Security and Surveillance systems allow you to monitor your home, record unauthorized activity or break-ins, and give you real time notifications plus videos of what is going on in your home. You may live in your home year around or have a winter vacation home here, either way surveillance systems provide the comfort and security of knowing what is going on in your home at all times.

TV Mounting

Wall-mounted flat screen televisions add a modern, clean, and elegant look to any home entertainment system. Mounting a TV on the wall removes the need for bulky cabinets as home entertainment furniture. With a clean wall-mounted TV, now you have options. You can choose a smaller more discrete piece of elegant furniture from the perspective of design for the room rather than function for the television. In this option we recommend having the wires concealed in the wall that come out to hidden outlets now behind that elegant piece of furniture where your streaming, cable, and satellite devices now have a clean new place without bulky wires showing.

Another modern option growing very fast in popularity is to have all wires in the wall concealed without any furniture below the television, but having all components wirelessly mounted in a rack that is hidden in a nearby closet. What? That’s right, just a clean mounted flat screen on the wall with one universal remote hanging out wherever you want it in the house. No furniture, and no visual components in the way gives an even more modern and futuristic style to the room.

Deciding which TV wall-mounting option best suits the design of your entertainment space is really the most difficult part. Then there is deciding what kind of mount fits your viewing needs. There are fixed, tilt, and full motion articulating mounts that allow you to move the position of the TV which solves any floor design problems, or party planning options where you may want to reposition background family slides set to music for example. You can even mount a large flat screen TV in the corner, and then move it against the wall as you need. You then have the perfect entertainment system set at the perfect eye-catching level with open floor space ready and available.


Recording Devices

Viewing Devices

Analog CCTV & IP

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I monitor my cameras from iPhone or Android?

A: Yes, our DVR’s and NVR’s support remote viewing from PC, Mac or Mobile device from anywhere in the world there is an internet connection.

Will cameras and cables be visible once installed?

A: Cables will be completely concealed in walls and ceilings. While most cameras can be seen, some cameras can be very discrete and virtually invisible. We offer many solutions to conceal cameras that we will not disclose here. For more information please call us for details or to setup a private consultation.

I think my home is wired for cameras already. Can you use the existing wiring?

A: Many newer homes are wired for security monitoring, but lack the cabling necessary for cameras. We can determine if your home is wired for cameras during an in home consultation.

How long will the cameras record for?

A: Most DVR’s and NVR’s are setup to record for at least a month of data before they start recording over the oldest videos. However, we can add more storage if longer recording durations is necessary.

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