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3 Rooms that Need a Ceiling Mounted TV Bracket

July 19th, 2016

Your home television experience should be as relaxing as possible. Innovative technology has allowed us to place televisions in places we never thought of before. Now, you can transform your bathroom, kitchen or even garage into a prime entertainment destination. Due to the size and structure of these locations, traditional television placement can be difficult.

Therefore, it is best to be creative. The varying sizes of flat screen TVs make them easy to maneuver and mount in any area of your home. A ceiling mounted TV bracket might be an excellent way to enjoy the luxury of television in your home.

Finding the Right Ceiling TV Mount for You

Many people are familiar with wall-mounted television sets. In this setup, a bracket is used to mount a television onto a wall, and all of the wires are concealed in the wall or in a separate unit. Wall-mounted televisions are most popular in living rooms and bedrooms. Wall-mounting is perfect for these rooms because they have lots of wall space.

However, wall-mounting can be difficult for TVs in bathrooms that have limited open space. Ceiling mounts consist of a suspended TV mount that connects an extension column to a board. The board supports the TV. The wires run from a nearby wall to the extension column.

Ceiling mounting units vary in size, style, structure and can hold different weights. Check to make sure that the ceiling mount you purchase can support the weight of your television. They also are designed for different textiles such as concrete or wood. It is important to know what material your ceiling is made of.

Another factor that must be taken into consideration is the distance of the wall from the TV mount location. This is another important step in selecting the right ceiling TV mount.

Mount a TV in Your Workout Room

Staying healthy and working out is always a top priority. Mounting a TV in your home gym is the perfect way to keep you motivated by playing your favorite workout DVDs. Workout rooms are usually cluttered with equipment, so they are very tight on space. A ceiling mounted TV with a visible extension column would be the perfect option for this space. The TV can be placed over a treadmill for your viewing pleasure.

Mounting a TV in the Kitchen or Outdoor Patio

Your kitchen is another great place to have a ceiling-mounted television. Cabinetry and appliances make it hard to mount the television on the wall, so a ceiling mount is a great option. The cabinets can also be used to obscure the wires. The appliances are already connected to a power source so that same source can be utilized for a flat screen TV.

Another great location for a mounted flat screen TV is your outdoor patio. Entertain guests at a BBQ or dinner party with an outdoor mounted television. If you have an enclosed patio, the ceiling can be used for the television set up. Wires can be connected underground to a power source in the kitchen or living room for easy convenience.

Having Your Ceiling Mounted TV Bracket Installed

Phoenix TV mounting requires expertise and advanced technical knowledge. If you have a particular area where you want to mount a flat screen TV, Phoenix TV ceiling mounting services can help. Find an expert who specializes in Phoenix home flat screen TV wall mounting for fast and reliable services, so that you can enjoy safely watching your newly mounted television.


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Wireless Home Technology

March 1, 2017

With all the wireless technology available on the market today. Wires are quickly going out of style. You can use the wireless features of you mobile device in ways you never have dreamed of before. Imagine you are finishing up the day at work, and before you start driving home you pull out your iPhone and with the touch of a button start the heater on your hot-tub. On your way home, you receive a text notification that someone has entered your house, so you pull over to check out what's going on, and with your mobile Security Camera viewer you can see who it is. It's okay, it's only your wife. She usually gets home before you do.  You finally arrive home, the door is locked and the front porch light is off for some reason. But it's okay, you can turn it on using your mobile lighting control app. You enter the house and all you can think about is getting some music on the stereo and sitting in your relaxing hot-tub which has been heating up since you left your office. You pull out your phone and open up Pandora and start your favorite station, you can only hear it on your iPhone at the moment so you open up your Harmony app and press a button that turns on your whole house stereo system and the music begins to play on the outdoor patio speakers, it's too loud though so you adjust the volume from your phone. Now it's time to relax and enjoy some good music, and good company in your hot tub, all within minutes of arriving home.


Get the best wireless home theater set up. Request a free estimate or call Infinity HD today at (480) 427-5122.


Get the best wireless home theater set up. Request a free estimate or call Infinity HD today at (480) 427-5122.