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A home network is having all wireless or wired internet systems from your HD television, your home and/or office computers, printers, Smart TV’s, and laptops all networked and playing nice together. Now that our movies and music are being streamed to us over wifi and Ethernet connections, home networks are steadily becoming the main backbone of any home theater system. Almost all audio video components arriving on the market today come with either a wireless adapter, Ethernet jack, or both. The devices that make up your home network may include a Modem, a Router, Switches and Wireless Access Points. They may also include combinations of these devices such as Wireless Bridges, Wireless Repeaters, Gateways and Wireless Routers.

TV Mounting

Wall-mounted flat screen televisions add a modern, clean, and elegant look to any home entertainment system. Mounting a TV on the wall removes the need for bulky cabinets as home entertainment furniture. With a clean wall-mounted TV, now you have options. You can choose a smaller more discrete piece of elegant furniture from the perspective of design for the room rather than function for the television. In this option we recommend having the wires concealed in the wall that come out to hidden outlets now behind that elegant piece of furniture where your streaming, cable, and satellite devices now have a clean new place without bulky wires showing.

Another modern option growing very fast in popularity is to have all wires in the wall concealed without any furniture below the television, but having all components wirelessly mounted in a rack that is hidden in a nearby closet. What? That’s right, just a clean mounted flat screen on the wall with one universal remote hanging out wherever you want it in the house. No furniture, and no visual components in the way gives an even more modern and futuristic style to the room.

Deciding which TV wall-mounting option best suits the design of your entertainment space is really the most difficult part. Then there is deciding what kind of mount fits your viewing needs. There are fixed, tilt, and full motion articulating mounts that allow you to move the position of the TV which solves any floor design problems, or party planning options where you may want to reposition background family slides set to music for example. You can even mount a large flat screen TV in the corner, and then move it against the wall as you need. You then have the perfect entertainment system set at the perfect eye-catching level with open floor space ready and available.



Network Switch

Wireless Access Point

Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a wireless gateway that my internet company gave me. Can I use my own router in conjunction with this?

A: Since your wireless gateway is a router as well, this will create two routers fighting each other and cause problems. It may be best to request a modem only device from your internet service provider if you wish to use your own router. Another option is to have a technician at INFINITY HD to help you disable the routing features of your wireless gateway to allow your personal router to be used.

I have a wireless router in my home, but the wifi signal seems to drop out in certain areas. What can I do to increase the wireless coverage in my home?

A: You most likely need to extend your wireless network. While there are many devices on the market that can do this such as wireless repeaters, wireless extenders, and wireless access points. INFINITY HD recommends using a wireless access point. Wireless repeaters and extenders use your existing wifi signal and rebroadcast it to in essence to extend the physical coverage of your wifi. However, if your wifi signal is weak to begin with you will not see much improvement. You may even see your wifi speed suffer. Wireless access points use a wired connection, and broadcast a fresh high-speed wireless signal which overlaps your existing wireless network. This is similar to how cell phone towers work to stream wireless signals from wired towers so you can talk on your phone while traveling. Wireless access points combine together to create a seamless network in your home

Can I use a wireless router to extend the range of my home network?

A: Under no circumstance should you use a wireless router to extend the wireless range in your home. This will create two routers fighting to manage one network. Download speeds will suffer and your network may even become unusable. You should use a wireless access point wired to your router instead.

My home has what looks like large phone jacks in every room. What are they and how are they used?

A: These are called Ethernet jacks. If your home was built in the last decade there is a good chance your home was wired with either Cat5 or Cat6 cabling. These types of wires allow Ethernet connections to be distributed throughout your home. We can activate the Ethernet lines you need in your home to optimized the best configuration of your Home Entertainment System.

My internet is slow. How can I speed it up?

A: Call Infinity HD to setup a free in-home consultation, and an experienced IT technician will help you optimize your home network to get the fastest internet speed possible.

If I buy a newer modem for my home network will my internet speed improve?

A: If you have Cox cable internet and your modem is a DOCSIS 2.0 modem, then yes your internet speed will be greatly improved by installing a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Give Infinity HD a call today for assistance with this upgrade.

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